Jade's Compression Wear: A Tale of Custom Undies

Meet Jade. She's a total dynamo who found LVEO when we launched our trans and gender play line, and she volunteered to share her tale of custom undies after giving our new compression wear a spin.

It's the latest installment of our occasional series "A Tale of Custom Undies," where clients graciously share their experiences in our undies, well, their undies that we made. :) Because in our world, it's never awkward to talk about how your underwear makes you feel, or how we made your undies feel awesome. ;)

Jade, Upitees wearer extraordinaire!

Yesterday I followed Kori home and put on her underwear.

I finally have my first pair of La Vie En Orange panties, and I am in love!

I first discovered La Vie En Orange in July when Kori released her trans line of underwear. As a trans-woman, I immediately wanted to try a pair, but got distracted by something shiny and ended up forgetting about it. That is, until one evening I had the pleasure of meeting Kori and her husband at the Metro Nightclub in Kalamazoo.

Kori and I became fast friends and now I'm going to be helping her with the blog a bit. I am so excited to be a part of this company and working with this amazing woman! I run my own entertainment company, 3twins.net (our site is under construction, but the imminent relaunch is going to be great!), and Kori and I share many of the same values as business owners: being eco-conscious, and truly caring about people by putting clients and personnel before profits. As a single mom trying to figure herself out in the world I am open to anything to help make my life less of a hassle, especially if it also boosts my confidence.

Underwear Nirvana

I am currently pre-op and it is almost impossible to find what Kori has referred to as "underwear nirvana," that realization that you don't even think about your undies. La Vie En Orange panties give me the feeling of underwear nirvana that I had never previously experienced in my life!

I received my first pair of compression wear panties, a cute light pink with a white heart that reads "cunt" on the front. My first impression was they didn't feel like underwear I was used to. Before even putting them on I could tell this was the beginning of a long-lasting relationship. When I slipped into them they fit like they were made just for me, since they were indeed made just for me!

Pink Cunt Underwear | La Vie en Orange

Comfort vs. Concealment

I have tried practically every type of women's underwear in existence, both before and after coming out. All of them are designed without my current anatomy in mind, so there's a trade off that I and other trans-women constantly struggle with, comfort vs. concealment not to mention general fit.

Comfortable undies are great to wear for a full day of living an actual life, they breathe and aren't too tight anywhere, but the trade-off is little to no concealment. Concealing underwear gives that flat desired look, but is uncomfortably restrictive and sweaty. As a result I almost always think about my undies; they're either too tight, too loose, they don't let my bits breath or they might be showing more than I want anyone besides my boyfriend or my doctor to see.

La Vie en Orange's panties truly offer both comfort and compression.

After about an hour wearing the Upitees I realized that they make me feel really confident, I had found underwear nirvana! I was wearing them with one of my favorite skirts, a calf-length flowing peasant skirt that goes with basically everything. The one thing I am usually self-conscious about in this skirt is if while walking it reveals more than I want as it clings to my legs and tummy. I realized that I had been going about my business shopping at Costco letting my 10-year-old daughter push the cart and I hadn't thought about my underwear or "trans-parts" the entire time! It made me smile and I could enjoy my day without the worry in the back of my mind.

Everyday tasks in public can often be a pain in the panties:  I will make frequent trips to the bathroom to either adjust myself, or give myself a breather so I don't cut off my circulation depending on my choice of underwear for the day. Most cotton panties are quite comfortable and breathe easily, but as the day wears on the fabric relaxes and my confidence wanes. In these cases I would be pushing the cart or discretely tugging at my skirt so it didn't cling in certain places. Spandex or silky panties hold things in place for a while, but generally let things out the sides and don't breathe enough and end up sweaty leaving me self-conscious and looking to try and readjust or simply leave the public space.

Staying Power

La Vie En Orange's compression undies were still comfortable and give me a confident feeling after a whole day and night wearing them. I don't typically wear the same pair for more than a day, but for my first try I wanted to put them through their paces and they did not disappoint.

As much as I was excited about these underwear before, I am way more so today! I feel confident in them, they let me breathe without sacrificing concealment or support, and after more time than one should wear a pair of panties they still have staying power!

I'm asking Kori to turn my old Back to the Future tee into my new favorite undies! I am ordering a lot more and tossing a lot of my old panties out so I can fill my dresser drawer with these drawers! Over the last couple years I have lost a great deal of weight and I'm working with Kori to turn some of my big old favorite T-shirts into new favorite pairs of undies. Where else can you get a one-of-a-kind mash-up of Doctor Who and Back to the Future pair of underwear?!

Jade, you rock our world. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, and for all your kind words and enthusiasm. We couldn't be more thrilled to make your day easier, one pair of forgotten undies (nirvana!) at a time <3

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P.P.S. Do you have a great story about our undies that the world needs to hear? Please send us an email or comment below so we can follow up! We're always thrilled to hear our clients' stories :)




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December 01, 2016


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