Less stress, more shining. 10 ideas for 5 minute self-care

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Are you feeling it too?

Even with all its lights and glitter and shiny things, there can also be a lot of pressure during the holiday season. The family obligations, the work parties, finding thoughtful gifts, decorating, baking, to send or not to send cards...

My brain has already turned to mush. I find myself searching for words (that thing that I'll think of in ten minutes...), sometimes struggling with simple tasks or simple logic (a + b = c. No really. It does.), and generally pushing back the creeping, aggressive overwhelm that's lurking most places I turn. So what's a person to do?

Well, this week we share 10 of my favorite free mini acts of self-care. I guarantee you can bust any of them out in 5 minutes or less to ease the holiday brouhaha. The first one only takes like 4 seconds, and I've done no fewer than 7 today already...

  1. Dab a little bit of lavender essential oil behind you ears.
    This one helps calm my monkey mind before bed on the regular, but at this time of year, I sometimes also use it during the day if I'm spinning out of control stress-wise. And yes, I totally carry a bottle of it around in my purse for all of December.

    Pro tip: When the lavender is mixed with peppermint and placed on the back of your neck or near your temples, it's also my favorite way to treat headaches.
  2. Stretch or hoop or dance
    Most of us need to move more during our days. When I notice my brain isn't working as sharply, or my body is starting to ache, I give myself a couple of options:  
  • Put on an awesome YouTube video where someone is telling me what to do (like one of these from the Fitness Marshall), or
  • Put on a curated playlist (like this one we made for dancing around in your undies), and just cut loose, or
  • Stretch (do you have your own favorites? Google has a bajillion ideas if you need some inspiration)

Set a timer so you can either cut yourself off at 5 minutes, or make sure you keep going for 5 minutes (depending on the day and mood ;) ).

  1. Call a friend. Or your mom.
    Even just leaving a voicemail to say hello and send some warm fuzzies their way can ground you. And make sure it's a low maintenance friend :)
  2. Listen to this song.
    No really, it was composed to help relieve anxiety. Science proves you'll feel calmer listening to it ;)
  3. Brain dump or journal
    Write down everything that's taking up space in your head. Open projects, appointments, travelling, prep work, back logs, to dos, things you're excited about. Getting it out of your head and onto paper might help you feel a little less harried. I have a whole notebook in Evernote of nothing but brain dumps. It helps me remain well-adjusted ;)
  4. Give your fur baby some attention.
    Whether it's cuddles or play time is up to them ;)
  5. Take a few deep breaths or meditate
    Full disclosure: I want to want to meditate, but it stresses me out more than anything. Still, a self-care list felt incomplete without the requisite meditation note. ;) I do love stopping what I'm doing to take a deep breath. You?
  6. Massage your hands, neck, feet, or face
    Ok, I know face sounds a little weird, but I love massaging my jaws and cheeks when I'm all worked up, it helps them feel less clenched/tight. I'm doing it while proof reading this post... ;)
  7. Write a thank you note to a person or the universe
    Note:  Write to the universe if finding stamps to send an actual letter is stressful
  8. Make a cup of tea or hot chocolate
    It's like a hug from the inside.

P.S. This list assumes you're getting enough sleep, like me, because whoa Nelly, if I weren't, everyone's undies would be in a bundle! If you're not getting enough sleep right now, no worries, try heading to bed 5 minutes earlier. With lavender oil, of course ;) 

What's your favorite way to spend 5 minutes loving on yourself? Please comment below!

Here's to a calmer and happier holiday season.


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December 12, 2016

Oh Chelsea! So glad you’re taking good care of yourself amidst finals week! Here’s to coming out the other side with flying colors! <3


December 11, 2016

Thank you so much – Such a great reminder to slow down and take a breath. Definitely needed during finals week!


December 09, 2016

And now we know that my blog comments don’t support emojis! So sorry, Robin! Thank you so much for your kind words, and for sure you’re lovely a low maintenance friend. Well, except for that business about emojis in comments and whatnot ;)

You are the best. xoxo


December 09, 2016

My emoji turned into a question mark. Major fail.


December 09, 2016

Love all these! I hope I qualify as a low maintenance friend. ?

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December 07, 2016


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