Transgender undies are here!

Transgender inclusive undies are here! [Trans flag made out of undies] | La Vie en Orange

The undies above are laid out to form our version of a transgender pride flag. More below!

Have you ever been so scared to do something that you just... didn't?

Even though that inaction is action in itself? And making no decision is the same as making a decision. At least until you actually make the decision...

Sheepishly, I admit that I've been frozen by the same stinky fear monster for 4 years now.

But today, with you as my witness, I stare down my fear monster. And do a Banana Cheer in its face.

This week, with all the fanfare we can muster (giveaways, and a game of "Choose Your Own [Undies] Adventure" to boot!), I am thrilled to announce that two new styles of undies have entered the La Vie en Orange shop, both geared toward better serving the transgender members of our LVEO family.

One style holds a packer, and one is our version of compression wear. (And if you don't know what either of those things mean but are curious, stay with me, there's more below).

This launch has been a long time coming.

For four years I've been making undies for trans folks, but I haven't really been telling anyone.

Which is a) not a great way to sell anything (apparently, that's what businesses do), and b) it's also just completely absurd. I make my living making the best undies I can, with hopes of serving as many people as possible. My emphasis has always been on helping people perfect their fit so they can forget about their undies the moment they put them on. (I even wrote a manifesto about it in 2011 that still holds true today. With the addition of more pronouns :)).

So of course, if there's a specific need some trans folks have and I can do it, I'm going to do it. And I have been, for four-fifths of our life in business (you might recall we celebrated our 5th birthday earlier this year). Just really quietly.

Someone wondered at a recent trans & ally support group I attended whether my silence was out of shame of being associated with the trans community. And because I've been doing a lot of thinking about this, I'm fairly certain that it's not. I truly believe that it has been more about my own limiting beliefs of "How will I ever be worthy?" and "Who am I to try to serve this community?"

But no more! Something about my birthday last month (They make me reflective. And not exactly in the shiny, sparkly way, even though that would be the best. Do you get reflective too?) and all the Pride Festivals we rocked last month have turned the tides.

Who am I to not use my gifts to try to serve this community? That's obviously the better question. :)

Even though I'm terrified of offending the folks I most want to serve.

Even though I am certain that at some point I will offend someone I am trying to serve, or I will rub someone the wrong way by saying something stupid or ignorant, or worse, I will shut down someone I could serve by saying something stupid or ignorant. I can only beg for patience and understanding in advance. And forgiveness when it happens.

The tides have turned even though I'm terrified of bringing a magnifying glass to my ally-ship and exposing my ignorance. Or spreading misinformation or outdated information to folks who aren't a part of the transgender community.

Even though I'm worried I'll be seen as yet another rude (best case) or dangerous (worst case) person worrying about trans folks' genitalia, (which we all know is completely irrelevant when talking about gender). Too many people think too much about what's going on in trans people's pants, and I don't want to be seen as adding to that ugly brouhaha.

And especially because I'm terrified that it could take off and I won't be ready.

Four years of mulling over all these things. Going back and forth. The decision of indecision.

Today I'm embracing the cliche, "Better late than never."

Today I'm thrilled to announce one more way our business strives to serve as many people as possible and to help even more folks forget about their undies from the moment they put them on. Because what the world truly does need is more people making it their oyster.

And now, because I'm a huge nerd, a game.

Choose your own undies adventure! | La Vie en Orange

Do you remember those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books from when you were a kid? I loved them. I loved being in charge of the story, and I loved thinking about how the author must have created each tale.

So, just like how there's no one way to be trans (In or out? Hormone treatments or not? Yes surgery or no? "Passing," trying to "pass," or don't want to "pass"? and on and on), today, there is no single way to read this post.

Let's play!

  1. Are you someone who is trans or loves gender play and who wants to check out the wares and enter the giveaway? Head here to check out the compression wear, and here for the packing undies.
  2. Do you want to help spread the word about our undies? We've got some ideas for you here.
  3. Do you know who Caitlin Jenner is, or you've heard about some bathroom drama, but don't really get the whole "trans thing" and want to learn more? Head here.
  4. Are you solid on your support of the trans community but want more ideas about how you can help support the trans folks in your community and transgender rights? Head here.


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August 01, 2016

Bernard! Thank you SO so much for your kind words and support. Your enthusiasm is so encouraging! xoxo

Beverly! Ohmygoodness, your warm fuzzies fill me up. Thank you so much for taking a moment to comment <3


July 29, 2016

Thank you. Thank you. I am so grateful on behalf of the transgender people I love that you are making these undies to help make their lives just a little more comfortable.


July 29, 2016

This is absolutely beautiful and timely. So needed! Your story is inspiring!


July 29, 2016

Kimberly! Ohmygoodness, I gush right back at you! Thank you so much for sharing such a warm, loving message, and for your kind words about my work and undies. We’re totally on the same page, as ever. So much love to you!

Kimberly Kindle
Kimberly Kindle

July 29, 2016

I’m so very proud to be your friend! I love ALL people and hope everyone has the chance in their one beautiful life to be the best version of themselves, no matter what that version may be.

I’m not gay, I’m not trans, so I don’t know what those who are, are going thru… but I think that everyone deserves a comfortable pair of undies to tackle the day in. I can support that ? (See what I did there) I think we all, equally, need the support of friends, family, and community. So very proud of you for using your talents to let people choose their own adventures!

I love you. I love your heart, but most importantly… I love my Undies ❤️ You are one genuine person who will make an impact for so many ???

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