A little yasss for your ass!

Pride Mini Collection | La Vie en Orange | 4 men stand against a white brick wall, with their backs to the camera. They are wearing underwear that says, from left to right, "Kween," "Trade," "Oh, Honeeey," "Yassss"

Pride month may be over, but Pride never has to end.

Put a little pride in your pants any month of the year in the new Pride Mini Collection from La Vie en Orange X House of Pariah. Wear them to the next pride parade or any day in between. You'll have everyone screaming, "Come through!" as you strut past, and they'll help your inner kween shine through.

The collection is (obviously) inspired by drag culture- kweens say the dardnest things- and was designed by Avery Green, founder of sustainable apparel startup, House of Pariah, and LVEO’s current intern. Which is your favorite?

Drag queens have always been a huge part of the LGBT+ community's fight for equality. The self-described drag queen and trans icon Marsha P. Johnson threw the first brick at the Stonewall Riots. RuPaul turned drag into the pop culture phenomenon that it is today. Drag queens and their performances are saving struggling gay bars and queer spaces from closing their doors. Do you love drag all June long? Make sure to support your local drag scene even after Pride is over so it sticks around.

And remember, if you don’t love your undies, how in the HELL are you going to love yourself? *tongue pop*

“Can I get an amen in here?"

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July 01, 2018


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