Your underwear and I need to talk.

I just want to make sure it's making you happy, that it fits like a glove (or a really fantastic fitting pair of underwear), and that it's making your bottom look as great as it should. Oh, and is it saving the world too?

The underwear I make and want to share with you does all that... and more. :)

I've been making my own undies since 2006, and pretty much haven't had a wedgie since. I'm proud to now make your new favorite undies out of your old favorite-but-no-longer-worn tshirt! It's nostalgic, it's recycling, it's a super comfy pair of undies on your bottom. :)

I studied fashion design in college but couldn't reconcile my love of the art with the consumerism wrapped up in it all. A few years later I hadn't moved to New York, but still loved sewing and creating. I had started a career in the social justice non-profit world and loved it too. And then I needed some underwear. And I realized I could marry my two passions by using recycled and eco-forgiving materials, like thrifted tshirts and unbleached elastic. But it still wasn't time to start a business.

And then I moved across the country for love (it was worth it. We got married. :)), and felt a little lost. Until I found myself in undies. So I started a business hand-making undies for you. And here I am.

For first dibs on sales, weekly-ish updates, and a chance to win a free pair of undies each month, sign up here:

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