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Love letters to underwear [4 undies clad girls running in a field] | La Vie en Orange

Last week we posted tips for letting your sweetie or bestie or anyone special in your life know you care with a (platonic or otherwise) love letter.

And this week, we celebrate the love in our collective life:  love letters clients have written to us about their undies. Or our service. Or just us being us. ;)

Because if you don't love your undies, your undies aren't doing it right. And we're here whenever you're ready to make a change.


Heart Underwear | La Vie en OrangeI LOVE my new panties! They fit perfectly! They are fabulous!
...I am joyful for my new underwear.
Thank you and keep up the good panty work!!!

Sarah N. (wants to wear her panties on the outside!)


Red Heart Underwear
I do love them! Most likely, I will be burning all of my old underpants.
- Emily Jo

I love my new undies. I previously had an underwear of the month subscription purchased as a gift for me. But I'm preggo now, and I have started growing out of my beloved pairs. Kori helped me pick a new size to accommodate my growing hiney (apparently bellies are not the only thing that grows during pregnancy!), and they fit wonderfully! I now have a just right pair for every day of the week, because who wants to wear anything but a comfy pair of undies and who wants to do laundry more than once per week?!
In fact, I love my undies so much, that I got my mom a three-pack and my sister a pair also. And they love theirs just as much as I love mine. Thank you Kori & the La Vie en Orange team!! XO
- Jody J.

Compression Wear

Pink heart underwear | La Vie en OrangeThere are a lot of things I love about LVEO undies- they are AMAZINGLY cute and they make my butt look fantastic, they are super comfy and 100% guaranteed to fit, and the creator Kori is a very lovely and kind person. On top of all that though, my favorite thing about buying LVEO undies is that I can shop for super cute comfy underwear without feeling different.

Most shops don't think about or cater to trans women, so it's usually very difficult for me to find underwear that even fits me. LVEO makes cute underwear with trans people in mind, guaranteed to fit perfectly, and I can shop for them just like anyone else would without being made to feel like I'm different. That experience is so profoundly important for trans people and I am so grateful for it.

- Alice K.


Yellow heart underwear | La Vie en OrangeAfter about an hour wearing the Upitees I realized that they make me feel really confident, I had found underwear nirvana! I was wearing them with one of my favorite skirts, a calf-length flowing peasant skirt that goes with basically everything. The one thing I am usually self-conscious about in this skirt is if while walking it reveals more than I want as it clings to my legs and tummy. I realized that I had been going about my business shopping at Costco letting my 10-year-old daughter push the cart and I hadn't thought about my underwear or "trans-parts" the entire time! It made me smile and I could enjoy my day without the worry in the back of my mind.

- Jade K. (read more about Jade's experience here)


Men's heart undiesOMG🤗🤗🤗 I got my undies today & I'm STOKED!!!
THANK...THANK YOU...THANK YOU... I'm now up to 3 pairs & I can't for the next 100 pairs‼️‼️‼️‼️
- Eli S.


Men's heart undiesI love that these undies are REAL CLOTHES!
The solid, colorful material feels great all day, and they don't stretch out or shred like run of the mill undies.
And cutting to the chase, they fit around and support all my parts just like I'd want them to.
- J.B.

Packing Undies

Men's heart undiesJust wanted to let you know that they arrived yesterday! The fit is perfect and I love them. They are probably the best pair of packing undies I own now, will definitely keep you in mind when looking for more in the future!

Thanks again,
Matt A.
Yellow men's heart underwear | La Vie en OrangeYou weren't kidding about the Hot Booty Guarantee! My butt has never looked so sassy, and I've never felt so confident packing as I do in these. I feel like I really SHOULD in these, and you're gonna be seeing more of me with the way these make me look and feel! 
- Anonymous


Thank you to everyone who leaves a review, who replies to our emails. We couldn't be more thrilled to serve you, day in and day out (laundry days excluded ;)). It is such an honor to be a part of your lives in such an intimate, important way. Your sharing your story helps others feel connected to our quirky product. It helps them know what is possible:  nothing less than underwear perfection.

We love you.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Kori & the team

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February 14, 2017


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