A Tale of Custom Undies: Alterations Times Eleventy

Alterations x Eleventy:  A Tale of Custom Undies
Meet Alanya. She's a loyal client of La Vie en Orange, and she is also probably the most patient and determined person I've ever met. At least where underwear is concerned.

After all we've been through together, we've become friends. So she was amenable to sharing her undies story.

Now, you may or may not know about my Hot Booty Guarantee. It's my promise that if your Upitees don't fit, we're gonna do alterations or make an exchange as many times as necessary until you find underwear nirvana- that moment where your underwear are so perfect that you stop thinking about them at all.

Think about it. Your underwear never really crosses your mind once you put it on unless it's doing something it shouldn't. Giving you a visible panty line, crawling up your bottom, or sticking out the top of your pants. Boo.

So the Hot Booty Guarantee is around to assure that you're insured from those kinds of wardrobe malfunctions.

And about 98% of my clients get their perfect fit on the first try. Which is the best feeling in the world.

Another 1.5% need some kind of alteration. Maybe the elastic is too tight, or the undies come too high or too low on their waist and it needs to be adjusted. Or maybe their curves aren't on their backside, so the booty needs to be taken in a bit. Regardless, we work together to get the undies where they need to be. Or out of where they shouldn't be. :) One round of alterations and done. Nirvana.

Then there's the .5% of clients that Alanya is a part of. For whatever reason, finding the perfect fit for these gals seems like an exercise in patience and perseverance, at least on their part. I'm always ready to help a gal find her best fit ever. And when she sticks with it, the pay off is huge.

Alanya, even after all the back and forth, or perhaps because of the back and forth said, "I think we forget in this age of online ordering and robotic phone services how deliciously humanizing it is to receive real customer service from someone who is actually interested in getting to know our needs and meeting them.... Working directly with a recycling seamster like Kori helps reestablish 'the lines of connection, and therefore responsibility, between our everyday acts and their real world consequences.' [Yes, Alanya quotes Michael Pollen] In my case, the multiple adjustments Kori made to get the Upitees to fit me just right felt like a happy departure from anonymous shopping and a real treat for myself."

But getting there took weeks and weeks of sending undies her way, talking on the phone, sending undies her way, talking on the phone, sending undies her way, talking on the phone.

The Hot Booty Guarantee (Undies, Phone Call, Alterations) Pipeline

I never lost faith in the process. I knew we would crack the code of Alanya's perfect fit. But I wasn't sure she would have stamina. I'm so glad, she did.

And she's still in love:  "The Upitees are so cute. I love their hip designs and how they feel like real clothing which is meant to last rather than the cheap throwaway feel of so many new clothes!"

Alanya, thank you so much for sharing your tale of custom undies!

Phone images credit: billybrown00 and brokersaunders via flickr. Edited under Creative Commons license.

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May 01, 2014


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