June 08, 2012


Wovens, Knits, Grainline, Bias? You Got Nothin' On Me!

Short and sweet this week, dear readers! Because, while my Summer Sewing Tutorial video below introducing fabric fundamentals is sweet, I'm asking for 10 minutes of your time.  
You'll learn things like:
  • What are the differences between knits and wovens?  How do they affect working with each?
  • What is grainline? Bias?  Why are they important?
  • How do you prep fabric for cutting out a home sewing pattern?
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June 01, 2012


Tissue Paper Everywhere: Home Sewing Pattern Basics

Dear Reader! It's here! The Summer Sewing Tutorial is kicking off today with an exploration of basic pattern contents.  And how!  :)

Since you already know how to read the back of a pattern, I thought we'd just dive in to what you'll find inside the pattern envelope, followed by a pictorial glossary of pattern markings


Please comment below if you have questions or if anything is unclear! I hope you leave this post feeling a little bit more confident about kicking butt on the project we'll be working on over the next few weeks, as well as any projects you take on in your sewing nook.  :) 
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May 25, 2012


Want to Learn to Sew This Summer?

Do you ever have a helper when sewing?


It's that time:  the summer sewing tutorial series is upon us! This summer I am soooo looking forward to taking you through some sewing basics, hearing about what you're working on and answering your questions. Hopefully I'll get to share in some of your sewing triumphs too :) 
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May 23, 2012


Indie Maven says I'm indie!

UPDATE: Well, Indie Maven has moved on to other things, but we still love her! <3

Click here to check out my interview with the amazing Indie Maven!

Hello this week!

I am delighted as never before! The blogosphere offers up two posts!

Indie Maven has posted an interview I did with her about being indie (I had no idea I was indie, and was pretty sure, in fact that being indie was way cooler than me...  :)).  Swing on by and check her out- I love her writing and what she's all about:  supporting local business, artists and artisans and the lovely things in life.

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May 18, 2012


Take a number: A small history of clothing sizes

Pick a size, any size!

So one thing I really struggled with when starting my business was determining what my size chart would be. Because sometimes I wear a size 3, or a 4 or a 6, and sometimes when I'm sewing, I wear a 14. I'm 5'10” and while slender, you don't grow to be 5'10” without some girth.

Logically, (and assuming we're keeping the current 0-20+ system) I'm sure I should wear something closer to a 14 and save the single digit sizes for petite women.

Otherwise we're seriously looking at negative sizes. But there's also the emotional (and societal) attachment to smaller sizes and impact on self-worth and a whole host of things that can be tied to that number...

Ranting didn't get me any closer to having my own size chart. So I thought about who I wanted to reach- a broad range of women in different shapes and sizes. And especially some with unique fit challenges. I finally blended together the size charts of several companies I respect, and I feel pretty happy about where I've landed (check it out here).

But it makes you wonder how we got here, right?

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May 11, 2012



Photo courtesy Abby Daquiz

Whew!  After raising money for my day job non-profit org auctioning off some custom sewing (in my wedding dress!), I couldn't even stop to change before diving into some data entry with Z!  Anything for a good cause!  :) "

Dear Readers, My week has been delightful and draining.

Friday (for my day job), I put on my non-profit's biggest fundraiser of the year and helped raise almost $90k! It has left me exhausted, but excited that it's over and that I have my life back. :) 

I've spent my recovery time this week on the couch dreaming about all the exciting things I have planned for business this summer:  Men's briefs, then boxers, toddler undies, women's briefs (and maybe thongs?) and transgender men undies.  Maybe in that order.  :)

Recovery time has also been spent on an obscene number of hours of New Girl, The Office, Glee, and GCB. Seriously shameless. :) In my defense, I was too tired to even nap out in the sun on my balcony. That's how I know it's bad :)

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May 04, 2012


Feeling the love

Deer undies lighting up the interwebs

Dear readers, I was tickled this week to notice some heavy Etsy traffic coming from eastsidebride.com "an evil club of mean hipster brides."

Amazing! I got a good giggle trying to figure out where the traffic was coming from:  a comment on an elk themed post about what to wear to a Colorado wedding.

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April 27, 2012


Summer Screens

Hello hello! So this week I've been thinking about what the summer will bring, on my undies, of course!

I thought I'd share a few preliminary sketches for some upcoming screens I hope to print on a pair of underwear near you.

Check them out, and please comment below- I'd love to hear which ones you like best, and if you think I've left anything out... :)  

For extra credit, read all the way to the end for a little bit more about my creative process, at least in the silk screen arena :) >

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April 20, 2012


If Worms In a Can Were Sustainable

Sparkly Sand

Hopefully you can see how sparkly this sand on Shi Shi Beach is.  I assure you that it is also warm (those are my feet). And while cute, our worm farm isn't sparkly or in a can.

Well, dear Reader, I must tell you, I have had an amazing week.  The comments on my interview with Seattle Stevie have filled me up with sparkly warm fuzzies (which are as ridiculous as they sound), and I spent all day Saturday checking out the MBA program in sustainable business at Bainbridge Graduate Institute

I have been riding the melt of positivity. 

Then on Tuesday night, I heard the founder of Patagonia, Yvan Chouinard, in an interview on NPR talking about why there's no such thing as "sustainability."  He said it was a bit played out, like "gourmet."  (Think about everything that you can get that's "gourmet."  Did it make you smile? :))  He also said that our impact will never be "sustainable."  

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April 13, 2012


Seattle Stevie Giveaway & Launch of korijock.com!

Oh man!  Exciting things are afoot! KoriJock.com is live!  

Swing by and check out some of the new goodies I've added (like my services and portfolio tabs...), and then, pleasepleaseplease skip off to Seattle Stevie's blog for a chance at a free pair of La Vie en Orange Upitees!

Win your very own pair of Eiffel Tower undies - in your favorite colors!

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