Wovens, Knits, Grainline, Bias? You Got Nothin' On Me!

Short and sweet this week, dear readers! Because, while my Summer Sewing Tutorial video below introducing fabric fundamentals is sweet, I'm asking for 10 minutes of your time.  
You'll learn things like:
  • What are the differences between knits and wovens?  How do they affect working with each?
  • What is grainline? Bias?  Why are they important?
  • How do you prep fabric for cutting out a home sewing pattern?
Please comment below- let me know if you have any questions, or what you learned!  :) See you in the comments :)  I'm getting so excited about cutting our sewing project next week- look for a downloadable pattern.  It's going to be legit!  :) xoxo

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June 08, 2012


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