February 16, 2011


Cotton Prices on the Rise - oh my!

So I heard this story about the international rise of cotton prices on NPR earlier this week and was immediately curious about how it would/could affect my business.  

Will I have to dig harder and deeper to find 100% cotton tshirts? Will people start wearing them out more before giving them to second hand stores?

What's your take? Is wearing 100% undies as important as I think it is? :)

January 20, 2011


Screen Printing Lessons!

So excited to be taking professional screen printing lessons at The VERA Project next month!

Excited about the endless possibilities; trying desperately to not be paralyzed by the endless possibilities :)

Got a bunch of pairs cut out this weekend...  

Looking forward to figuring out what wants to go on their booties and then completing my first batch of stock!

December 27, 2010


...and a partridge in a pear tree

Was so delighted to celebrate Christmas with the family in Michigan this week. Gave my dad 5 pairs of undies, 2 from his old tshirts, and he was thrilled.

At first he didn't quite get it...  "Oh, Fall Creek Falls, Tennesse. We had such a great time there!  Where'd you find these?" 

But when he figured out what was going on, he got really happy. 

And seemed so proud of me and my idea. That meant a lot.

December 14, 2010


Well, of course it does!

Was tickled today to see this article in USA Today about how wearing an ill-fitting pair of underwear can ruin your day.  So true! 

I know we all have those pairs in the bottom of our drawers that don't fit will and that we only wear when absolutely necessary. 

I'm slowly but surely trying to weed those bad pairs out and replacing them with my own Uptiees!  Lovelovelove how Upitees line up against all the complaints women made about their underwear. 

The top complaint, Wedgies (30%), are definitely few and few between (insert cheek joke here), then "doesn't lay flat under clothes" (19%), I think they're pretty alright on, and "not enough coverage in the rear" (14%) is definitely something that Upitees are not guilty of! 


December 12, 2010


Tshirt Finding Expedition

Can't wait to see what these turn into!

A Crayola box of tshirts!

I've been reveling in my recent tshirt expedition. Got 11 tshirts to start this new endeavor. So excited. Their amazing bright colors and silly logos make me smile. I was surprised by how many new-ish tshirts I found at the Goodwill. It felt important to not get the newer tshirts- it seemed like they needed a little bit more living before ending up on somebody's bum... :)

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