If Worms In a Can Were Sustainable

Sparkly Sand

Hopefully you can see how sparkly this sand on Shi Shi Beach is.  I assure you that it is also warm (those are my feet). And while cute, our worm farm isn't sparkly or in a can.

Well, dear Reader, I must tell you, I have had an amazing week.  The comments on my interview with Seattle Stevie have filled me up with sparkly warm fuzzies (which are as ridiculous as they sound), and I spent all day Saturday checking out the MBA program in sustainable business at Bainbridge Graduate Institute

I have been riding the melt of positivity. 

Then on Tuesday night, I heard the founder of Patagonia, Yvan Chouinard, in an interview on NPR talking about why there's no such thing as "sustainability."  He said it was a bit played out, like "gourmet."  (Think about everything that you can get that's "gourmet."  Did it make you smile? :))  He also said that our impact will never be "sustainable."  

There is something inherently unsustainable about modern life.  

Yes.  I see what you mean, Yvan.  

Luckily the choices you make (like wearing upcycled undies) still matter. 

Accordingly, Patagonia is a huge role model in terms of their corporate practices- paying living wages, their clothing recycling programs and on and on. Regardless, I've been thinking all week about my views on sustainability. And it seems like a can of worms. If worms in a can were sustainable. How did they get in there, anyway?  :) 

How do you define sustainability? 

I'm working on my definition. And I promise to share in the not-so-distant future.  :) 

So!  Comments below!  Sparkly warm fuzzies to the best "gourmet" product comment, and additional sparkly warm fuzzies for your thoughts on sustainability

I'd love to hear your musings, and I'll definitely be revisiting this topic in future posts :) xoxo

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April 20, 2012


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