Want to Learn to Sew This Summer?

Do you ever have a helper when sewing?


It's that time:  the summer sewing tutorial series is upon us! This summer I am soooo looking forward to taking you through some sewing basics, hearing about what you're working on and answering your questions. Hopefully I'll get to share in some of your sewing triumphs too :) 


For the next few months I'll be presenting a new basic sewing skill each week, whether through print and photos or video. Are you ready?!? :) Mark your calendars (or sign up for my weekly updates in the box to the right!) 


The schedule goes a little something like this: 
May 31 - Basic vocabulary for laying out a pattern In the meantime, please check out one of my first tutorials:  How to read a the back of a home sewing pattern 
June 7 - Fabric basics (What is grain?  Bias?  Why do they matter?) 
June 14 - How to lay out/cut out a home sewing pattern (and I think we'll have a mini project to get started on.  Something cute and upcycled like a shopping bag made out of a tshirt.  I'll include extra credit instructions to sew it yourself, but for the super beginners, we'll go through some more basics together before sewing it... 
June 21 - Sewing machine basics/terms 
June 28 - Getting to know your sewing machine- threading it, and threading a bobbin Check out my recent tutorial:  How to sew a straight line to go from June to July with flying colors :) 
July 5 - Making our shopping bag (I know it's delayed gratification to cut something out and then wait a bit to sew it up together- I hope you'll bear with me!) 
July 12 - Basic mending/finishing our bag - How to sew on a button 
July 19 - Basic mending - Patching a hole 

Anything missing (I'd love to beef up the lineup :))? What are you looking forward to? Please comment below! xoxo

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June 06, 2016

Yay! Thanks, Adiya! I’m excited too :)


June 06, 2016

That is great!! Can’t wait!

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