Indie Maven says I'm indie!

UPDATE: Well, Indie Maven has moved on to other things, but we still love her! <3

Click here to check out my interview with the amazing Indie Maven!

Hello this week!

I am delighted as never before! The blogosphere offers up two posts!

Indie Maven has posted an interview I did with her about being indie (I had no idea I was indie, and was pretty sure, in fact that being indie was way cooler than me...  :)).  Swing on by and check her out- I love her writing and what she's all about:  supporting local business, artists and artisans and the lovely things in life.

And, full disclosure, she's my best friend, so it makes sense.  We've known one another since high school (though didn't start hanging out until after graduation).  This week, I've been visiting her in Michigan and couldn't be happier- 85 degree weather and sun (which means it's warm enough to wear my most ridiculous item of clothing- a heather gray romper with Lisa Frank-esque multi-colored neon animal print), swimming in Lake Isabella, delicious food and drinks (local cheese from DeVries at Eastern Market, Bell's beer and cosmopolitans), and the best conversation and company a girl could ask for. 

Oh.  And season 2 of Downton Abbey.  We both waited until we could watch it together. Well worth it.

So please. Enjoy her post, check her out on facebook, picture me in a romper, and please come back on Thursday for the grand unveiling of my summer sewing tutorial series.  :) xoxo

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May 23, 2012


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