December 07, 2016


Less stress, more shining. 10 ideas for 5 minute self-care

4 undies clad girls carry hula hoops in a field; overlay text reads "10 ideas for 5 minute self care" | La Vie en Orange

Are you feeling it too?

Even with all its lights and glitter and shiny things, there can also be a lot of pressure during the holiday season. The family obligations, the work parties, finding thoughtful gifts, decorating, baking, to send or not to send cards...

My brain has already turned to mush. I find myself searching for words (that thing that I'll think of in ten minutes...), sometimes struggling with simple tasks or simple logic (a + b = c. No really. It does.), and generally pushing back the creeping, aggressive overwhelm that's lurking most places I turn. So what's a person to do?

Well, this week we share 10 of my favorite free mini acts of self-care. I guarantee you can bust any of them out in 5 minutes or less to ease the holiday brouhaha. The first one only takes like 4 seconds, and I've done no fewer than 7 today already...

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December 01, 2016


Jade's Compression Wear: A Tale of Custom Undies

Meet Jade. She's a total dynamo who found LVEO when we launched our trans and gender play line, and she volunteered to share her tale of custom undies after giving our new compression wear a spin.

It's the latest installment of our occasional series "A Tale of Custom Undies," where clients graciously share their experiences in our undies, well, their undies that we made. :) Because in our world, it's never awkward to talk about how your underwear makes you feel, or how we made your undies feel awesome. ;)

Jade, Upitees wearer extraordinaire!

Yesterday I followed Kori home and put on her underwear.

I finally have my first pair of La Vie En Orange panties, and I am in love!

I first discovered La Vie En Orange in July when Kori released her trans line of underwear. As a trans-woman, I immediately wanted to try a pair, but got distracted by something shiny and ended up forgetting about it. That is, until one evening I had the pleasure of meeting Kori and her husband at the Metro Nightclub in Kalamazoo.

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December 01, 2016


November 18, 2016


Matching undies!

For every pair of La Vie en Orange undies you purchase through the end of the year, we'll donate a pair to a women's shelter in your hometown up to 100 pairs. 
It's so easy to talk about shelters and domestic violence and homelessness as these nebulous things, these institutions. 
What's so much harder and can be overwhelming is remembering or trying to process that there are people:  women, men, folks outside the gender binary, individuals, using these services, and experiencing these hardships. Looking at a women's shelter's wishlist can be heartbreaking.
But coming together to help out, that's a pretty fabulous thing. 
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November 01, 2016


Decking the halls - holiday shipping, sales, and more

Handmade undies that put a party under the tree!

Holiday Sales and Shipping Deadlines

Don't you love giving a thoughtful gift? And receiving one too? Especially when they're useful. And brightly colored :) Whether you're shopping for the holidays, or "Buying less, and living more" we wanted to share some love in case you find yourself needing some undies, or falling allover yourself to give a pair to share :)

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October 20, 2016

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New! It's Like a Salad Bar in Your Pants

Fruit Salad Handmade Underwear by La Vie en Orange

New for fall! Our Loom (womb?) Fruits and Veggies!

Veggie Tails Handmade Underwear by La Vie en Orange



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October 13, 2016


[Free Download] In pursuit of happiness & perfectly fitting jeans

Sick of hating life when you have to go shopping for jeans? Play "Dreaded Denim Shopping BINGO" instead! Because fun is always better than not-fun. | La Vie en Orange

Your palms are sweating. You can feel the dank yellow fitting room light washing over you. You're certain there's a headache coming on. You just want it to be over already.

But you haven't even left the house yet.

It's just that you need a pair of jeans. So badly that you'll submit yourself to trying on 14,000 pairs with the hopes of finding just one that's the perfect combination of rise, length, butt to hip ratio, wash and price. There are so many jeans in the world, there's got to be one pair that will fit you, right?

By the by, it's not you. It's definitely the jeans. This 2003 study looked at 1,000 size 4 pairs of jeans and found as much as 8.5" difference in waist sizes.1 8.5 inches.

But how did we get here? Why on earth is finding a pair of jeans (or any piece of clothing, really) so flipping difficult? And is there a way out?

This week on the blog, the history of sizing (it's more interesting than you might guess), and BINGO cards to take with you the next time you go denim shopping. Because if we can't fix the sizes, at least we can make a game out of something that everyone hates ;) Living la vie en orange, and all...

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September 22, 2016


Life After Loin Cloths: A Brief History of Ladies' Undies

Life After Loin Cloths:  A Brief History of Ladies Undies | La Vie en Orange

Imagine a blustery winter wind gust flying up your skirt directly into your crotchless underwear. Because there are literally no "crotched" undies for women that exist in the world!

Imagine owning a fainting couch because the corset you have to wear every day is cutting off your lung capacity, squishing your organs, and literally forcing you to be weak. At least it's a pretty couch?

What if, instead of squeezing into Spanx, your undies made your hips so wide you literally had to turn sideways to get in and out of rooms? Sitting wasn't really a thing back then...

Can we all just agree, that despite all the crap going on in the world, at least we live in the now. Because seriously. Don't all of those things sound like the least exciting way to spend any of your time?

The history of undies is longer, or shorter, or crotchless, depending on where and when. Have you ever thought about what life would be like in another era? This week, we get curious about what life was like before undies as we know them. And Upitees, especially. ;)

From L to U, or loincloths to Upitees. Which is almost A to Z. :)

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September 15, 2016


Even More One-of-a-Kind Undies on Sale! - Sale ends 10/20/16

One of a kind undies sale! | La Vie en Orange

A funny thing happened last week. A giant bag of amazing, super soft, nerdy, wonderful tees was thrust upon us by a longtime supporter of La Vie en Orange. He'd been hanging on to (hoarding ;) ) these special tees for years, but when he moved, he decided it was finally time to part ways. And he wanted us to have them, and by extension, you to have undies out of them.
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August 18, 2016


[Sale ends 10/20] One of a kind undies available for a limited time only!

One of a kind undies collage - Star Trek, Don't mess with Texas, airplane, Pac-Man, Superman, NASA, Cookie Monster, Pride Flag, and I heart NY | La Vie en Orange

Things are getting a little frenzied here at the studio, and you're invited to join in on the fun.

It's that time of year when we throw open the vault on all the really fun tees we've stashed since last summer. We haven't cut into any of them yet because somewhere, someone has been waiting all their life for undies made of that specific tee, we just don't know what size to make them.

So, we invite you to check out all the goodness. From stripes to superheroes, from music to majestic wildlife, we're selling one-of-a-kind undies in your perfect size.

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