Even More One-of-a-Kind Undies on Sale! - Sale ends 10/20/16

One of a kind undies sale! | La Vie en Orange

A funny thing happened last week. A giant bag of amazing, super soft, nerdy, wonderful tees was thrust upon us by a longtime supporter of La Vie en Orange. He'd been hanging on to (hoarding ;) ) these special tees for years, but when he moved, he decided it was finally time to part ways. And he wanted us to have them, and by extension, you to have undies out of them.
So. In a completely unexpected turn of events, welcome to part II of our One-of-a-Kind sale. Even though I generally only offer up the one-of-a-kind goodies like this once a year, these new tees are awesome, and there are still a few amazing (like, seriously, how did they not get snatched up!) tees in the shop from our annual one-of-a-kind sale.
And also, Taylor Swift. Because one does not pass up a Taylor Swift tee when thrifting. 
Head to the shop here to check out all the goodness.
Next week, we return to our regularly scheduled programming- we've got a couple of fun posts about what the world was like before underwear and sizes coming down the pipeline, and a new fall line in the works too.
Stay tuned!


Kori and the team

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September 15, 2016


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