Oh la la! The French and their lingerie

All You Need to Be Impossibly FrenchHow much thought do you give your underwear? 

In All You Need to Be Impossibly French, author Helena Frith Powell devotes an entire chapter to the French and their lingerie. Because, apparently, as a whole, the French think about underwear a lot.

Like me. And like you (you're here, right?  :)). 

Helena interviewed numerous Françaises about their unmentionables. They told her:

"It's the first thing I put on so it determines my whole mood." - Nathalie, 38, Paris

"If your underwear isn't right, nothing else works." - Chantal Thomass, Parisian lingerie designer

"Underwear sets the whole tone for the day. If I want to seduce, I wear a certain ensemble, if I am filming and have to be comfortable, I wear another." - Elisabeth Bourgine, French actress

These lovely ladies have obviously given their panties a lot of thought. What about you? 

Does the pair of panties you choose change your mood or set a tone? I'm definitely in the "Yes" camp... I love wearing the bright panties I make...  

And do you also pick out your panties based on your outfit or activities for the day? Some panties I don't want to wear if I'm planning on working out that afternoon- the ones that aren't wedgie proof - and some are better for certain skirts or pants than others... Maybe you caught my panty horror story earlier this month? 

Do you find a correlation between the undergarments you choose and the way you present yourself to the world? Do your undergarments ever affect your self-confidence? How? Please comment below! 

I look forward to seeing you there :) xoxo

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May 30, 2013


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