36-24-Whaaa? How to Take Your Measurements

 36-24-whaaaa? How to Take Your Measurements


Sir Mix-a-Lot is very opinionated about La Vie en Orange helping teach you how to take your measurements.


36-24-36. Only if she's 5'3" 


Sir Mix-a-Lot and I have so much in common. We're both from Seattle (well, I'm from Michigan living in Seattle) and we both respect the booty. 


Have you ever wondered or struggled with how to take your measurements? Well, you're in luck! In this week's video, my trusty dress form Lulubelle and I show you how


Knowing your measurements can be super useful for when you're figuring out what size Upitees you wear, or for any shopping online. Sizes can vary so much across different brands, but one thing that doesn't change is a ruler :) 


So what do you think? Did you learn something new or love the video? Have any questions? Please comment below!


I look forward to seeing you there. 



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June 09, 2013


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