Win a Pair of Undies Every Month!

Win a pair of undies every month! | La Vie en Orange 
La Vie en Orange launches a monthly panty giveaway! Sign up below :)


Giveaway giveaway giveaway! 

The first big change coming with's makeover starts today! The official launch is July 25th, but until then and forever after, I'll be doing a monthly panty giveaway to folks on my mailing list! 


When you join the list below, you'll get weekly email updates with notices about sales, the upcoming launch and other underwear silliness (there is a lot of underwear silliness in the world) and you'll have a chance every single month to win a free pair of panties or underwear, as the case may be. 


So what are you waiting for? Join now! The first giveaway will be in just a couple of weeks :) Sign up below. 




P.S. Tomorrow is your last day to place a custom order until July 25th, so if you've got any tshirts burning a hole in their drawer, pick up this listing and we'll turn them into panties before my sewing machines get packed up. Woot woot!

Enter for a chance to win a pair of undies each month!

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May 23, 2013


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