Rod Stewart in your pants

This is serious. You really could get Rod Stewart in your pants. Or Yoda.

So did you know I make all the Upitees from repurposed tshirts?

It's an eco-friendlier alternative to something you put on everyday! I believe that we already have more than enough, materially, and I'm passionate about sustainability. I think a lot about the impact that fashion has on the environment, our psyches, and future generations.

So that means one part of my job is thrifting tees. 

For some I just cut around whatever was on them and screen print original artwork on them. But if a tshirt has an amazing image, well, then that amazing image can get in your pants. 

I hit the jackpot last night with this wolf tshirt (maybe you already saw it on Instagram?) which made me think about my stash and all the awesome (and slightly random) tees I've been hanging on to and haven't yet turned into undies. 

I give you this photo essay in the spirit of using your imagination to think about what any of these tees would look like as undies. And trying to not to giggle. Or rather, enjoying a big 'ol smile becuase they'd be ridiculous.

If any of them are your particular flavor of ridiculous, please let me know- we can turn them into undies for you lickity split. Comment below or send a quick email... :)
Bacon in your pants? Yes, please! And I love the retro feel of that Bonneville Flats tee. And don't even get me started on the time I messed with Texas... :)
Rey Mysterio definitely wants to get in your pants- look at that come hither stare...
Rey Mysterio. How ridiculous would undies made from this tee be? Maybe I'm just so enamored with the thought because my husband proposed after pulling a ring out of a Mexican wrestling mask? 
Yoda wants to be in your pants!
And last but not least, Yoda in my pants, let's get? Sorry, friends: no light sabers included. But one lucky lady did leave the Farmers Market this weekend with Han Solo headed for her pants...
Han Solo already found himself into the way of one lucky lady's pants!
So who would you want in your pants? Please comment below! I look forward to seeing you there.

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May 29, 2014


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