So Proud: A Kalamazoo Pride Recap

Pride. La Vie en Orange was so proud to be a part of Kalamazoo’s Pride Festival this year. Being out in the community (I’m a fierce ally over here… With years of newspaper clippings to prove it…) and supporting the work of the Kalamazoo Gay and Lesbian Resource Center was an honor.

And an amazing excuse to make all the rainbows we could come up with. So our booth looked like this:

And you could find these super fun goodies at the table:

With GayZoo (us Kalamazooans lovingly call Kalamazoo "Kzoo"), rainbow Michigans, and fun rainbow stars, there were lots of goodies made especially for Pride. They'll be in the shop in no time. Because even though I made them just for Pride, they’re too bright and sunshiney to keep from the Internet :)

Along with our much anticipated trans men and trans women cuts. We soft launched them at Pride and the big launch is also coming soon. Eeeee! So much goodness!

What about you? Did you participate in any local Pride celebrations this season? Please comment below. 


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June 19, 2014


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