Pedaling in Upitees

Lulubelle the dress form just had to get in on Bike Week!

Lulubelle the dress form just had to get in on Bike Week!

Are you participating in your local Bike Week events? Tuesday night's Kalamazoo Bicycle Film Festival was so inspiring, I couldn't keep from doing a mini photo shoot featuring Lulubelle the dress form (who accompanied me to the film fest) and these new bike undies next to my two favorite wheels. 

One film (NSFW. Pretty awkward for work, actually) was a super silly and objectifying upskirt Parisian bike ride music video. It was as mesmerizing and uncomfortable as it was ridiculous. Obviously, it would have been much better with Upitees...

But boldly wearing skirts and biking? I’ve long yearned for such freedom. Maybe all that was missing were the right skivvies?

Thus, with great fanfare, I introduce two new bike prints just in time for fair weather bike season! Spokes or gears? Either way, you won't wanna come home 'til the the wheels fly off!

And what bike inspired prints would you like to see? Maybe more parts? Any fixed gear riders out there? Please comment below and let us know what you're looking for!

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May 22, 2014


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