{Quiz} How do you wear your Days of the Week undies?

Days of the Week undies
Do you make sure to wear your Sunday undies on Sunday (yes, they really do exist!), Monday undies on Monday, Tuesday on Tuesday, like a uniform which makes life so much easier? Is one of your biggest decisions of the morning take place only on Wednesday when deciding between "Wednesday" and "Hump Day?"

Do you derive no uncertain joy from wearing the days willy nilly with no regard for which day it actually is. Tuesday undies on Friday:  gateway to the weekend. Monday undies never:  who wants to be reminded of that abomination? Saturday undies whenever you wish you were actually wearing pajamas; it's your little secret. And it makes reaching into the underwear drawer that much easier. Especially when nothing is folded.

Or! Maybe you wear your Days of the Week undies some completely other way... Say like Hump Day every day? Because, hello. Hump Day. 

But what does it all mean?
How do you wear your Days of the Week undies?
Luckily, here at La Vie en Orange, we've got the "science" to give you that insight.

A. If you wear your Days on the right days:

Thank you. You are everything that is good and right and orderly in the world. It's people like you who help make the trains run on time (maybe that's even your exact job title). And color code your closets, for all on Pinterest to see. You are an inspiration.
B. If you wear your Days on whatever days:

 Sub-question: Is it because you just seriously can't be bothered to dig around?

Yes. -->
You've got a serious case of underwear apathy. Bonafide. We support you, whether you're looking for recovery or enjoying the ride, especially since you're apathetically in Upitees ;)

No. --> So then, is it because you get a little thrill out of just grabbing whatever day you find first? And maybe, just maybe you get a little bit disappointed if you end up with a Thursday on a Thursday?

You're a rebel, you can't be constrained by "days with names." Oh no. Life is too full to spend time organizing drawers, and there are so many opportunities to swim upstream, to stand out, to be true to yourself, not the least of which begins in your underwear drawer. So fly your freak flag loud and proud. You know we keep ours in our pants... ;)
C. If you wear Hump Day every day:

We salute you. And, are you ok? Can we help you with some laundry? We heard about a drop off place not too far away... ;)

So how do you wear your Days? Please comment below!

Kori & the team

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September 01, 2016

Betty! Yes! I know you’ll make it happen! :)


September 01, 2016

Lucia! That’s amazing! I love how organized your underwear drawer must be! Glad you’re enjoying them so much! <3


September 01, 2016

I wear mine on the same day they have printed. After they are washed I stack them so I can just grab the right day off the top of the pile. It’s funny since I usually could care less about rules, but I like the control over what I wear and that it is organized. I am an engineer after all. I know them by color now which is fun. I love them so much!!! <3

Betty Block
Betty Block

September 01, 2016

Someday I will own the days of the week undies.

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