Sisterhood of the Travelling Undies

La Vie en Orange undies in Bell's Brewery General Store!

I need your help.

La Vie en Orange is growing (did you see that we’re hiring commerical sewing help in Kalamazoo, MI?), and part of our plan for the world undies empire is to start getting into more retail settings. Brick and mortar stores, that is. We love being in Cakes Boutique and in Bell’s Beer’s General Store, both in downtown Kalamazoo, and we’re hoping to start showing up in even more stores.

Which is where you come in. (It is a sisterhood, and well, a brotherhood too, after all.)

Can you think of any fabulous boutiques or quirky shops where our undies would be a good fit? Either in your neck of the woods, or somewhere you’ve traveled?

Please take a moment to comment below, or pop any information you’ve got into this handy (and super short) form

After sending our love, gratitude, and thanks your way (we have long memories for good deeds!), we’ll start doing our homework and courting the stores that seem like the best fit. And then, using all the charm we’ve got, we plan on starting to show up in even more stores in the not so distant future. 

And we'll always remember your generosity for helping us take the next step. [Wink wink, nudge nudge, we love sending presents.]

Thank you so much for your help!

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February 19, 2015


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