Extra, extra! LVEO makes the front page!

Great Kalamazoo's Women's Lifestyle magazine put a party in its pants with La Vie en Orange, featured in its July 2015 issue!

Hot off the presses, La Vie en Orange is featured in July's Women's Lifestyle of Greater Kalamazoo magazine. As a cover story, even!

Click the image for a pdf of the story (zoom in to read the interview).

And stay tuned, because we've been working hard over here to put everyone who helps make the undies in the hot seat. Interviews with the LVEO team are coming! :)

And if you're in Kalamazoo, keep an eye out for your own copy of the magazine. There's lots of great summer recipes and other goodness inside :)

You'll know it's the right monthly when you see LVEO founder, Kori Jock jumping off the cover!


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July 16, 2015


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