Flash Sale! 11, 22, or 33% off!

Get up to 33% off June 26th only - it's a happy birthday flash sale! | La Vie en Orange
It’s my birthday! The big 3-3. Friday Night Lights fans will know why I think of it as my Tim Riggins birthday. :)

I’m decidedly pro-birthday. And pro-sharing of the birthday celebrations.

And what better way to celebrate my birthday than with new undies?

So, today only, Friday, June 26th, it's a big 'ol sale!
Buy 1 pair, save 11% (use coupon code 1pair)
Buy 2 pairs, save 22% (use coupon code 2pairs)
Buy 3 or more pairs, save 33% (use coupon code 3pairs my biggest sale EVER!)

Because multiples of 11 (like 33) are awesome. :)

Happy birthday to both of us :)

Head on over to the shop and see what tickles your fancy, then come back here, because a 10-story slide ride is waiting for you below (that's how we celebrate birthdays at LVEO...)


Slide time! Click here! City Museum in St. Louis, MO is literally my favorite place in the world (and I've been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit). So a birthday there couldn't be any better... The video is from our first visit, but there were SO many squeals of laughter and so much dizziness on this visit too... :)

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June 24, 2015


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