She Rocks! Graduation Gift Goodness

It's tassel time! Graduation season is decidedly here. Commencement addresses abound (We loved John Waters' speech to RISD, and here's a great list of this year's other favorites.) and party invitations are flying around.

Our very own first gentleman of LVEO even successfully defended his master's thesis last week. So proud!

All this academic goodness got us inspired:I've Got This, [Kicking Butt] & Taking Names, and the Boss undies from La Vie en Orange

Surprise your favorite grad with a super useful and super fun present. Whether she's taking them to college or out on the job market, we're sure she'll face a day where she's happy to have this little extra bit of oomph on her side.

Click here to check out the set, or "The Boss," "I've Got This," and [Kicking Butt] "& Taking Names." 

Bonus idea:  If you want to make sure she gets a monthly undies care package, check out the Underwear of the Month Club.

And, if you're feeling a little lost for words as you write those "Congratulations" cards, we've got your back. Here is some inspiration for that message:  sentiments (our favorite:  "The tassel was worth the hassle.") or quotes (we love, "Share your sparkle wherever you are." -Dodinsky).

We hope you're sharing your sparkle today and everyday.



P.S. We're pretty sure these also make great gifts for yourself, or other special ladies in your life. :)

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June 12, 2015


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