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Queen of the Panty Line People | La Vie en Orange
At the risk of getting a little morbid, did you ever write your headstone? Like for an assignment in high school?

If not, we'll chalk it up to the crazy Catholic school I went to. Ways Teenage Kori rebels against uniforms: painting her in-dress-code shoes with different colors of glitter nail polish (stealth color). And wearing a Crayola backpack which had all the colors.

But back to headstones.

Even though Teenage Kori (I'm sorry. I can't not talk about her in the third person) didn't know it yet, her path was clear.
For that morbid "write your own epitaph" class assignment, 15 year-old Kori summed up her life for headstone chiseling in 6 words:Queen of the Panty Line People.
I'm pretty sure this was:
A) A response to being teased about my own panty lines. I couldn't help it! I didn't make my own undies yet!
B) Testing limits. We had a completely ridiculous English teacher who didn't know what to do with us "spirited" kids. So let's try to shock her more! Plus panties on a headstone in Catholic school!?
C) A rebellion against convention. Because how much fun would it to walk through a graveyard and see said headstone?

This came up when a dear reader emailed to find out if there were any other Panty Horror Stories like this one, and the answer was no. I've been pretty lucky (but if you want to guest post anonymously or otherwise about your panty horror story, please email me!).

Just this one assignment in high school...
There's just so much going on here. Rebel with a cause. Self-proclaimed royalty. Destiny. Mortality. You know, high school.

In a million years, I never would have guessed I'd be running an underwear company... I always wanted to be a French fashion designer. And yet... In some ways, I'm not ridiculously far off.

What about you? Are there any clues in your past about what and where you'd end up being? What would your headstone say? I might amend mine to say, "Queen of the Wedgie-Free People." :)

What about you?

How would you sum up your life to date?

If you're feeling bold, please comment below. I'd love to hear what teenage You thought your headstone should say (if you remember), or how you see yourself these days.

P.S. Since you made it all the way to the bottom, I give you a ridiculous Sesame Street jammies sleepover dance party photo of 15-year-old Kori.

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June 24, 2015


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