Well, of course it does!

Was tickled today to see this article in USA Today about how wearing an ill-fitting pair of underwear can ruin your day.  So true! 

I know we all have those pairs in the bottom of our drawers that don't fit will and that we only wear when absolutely necessary. 

I'm slowly but surely trying to weed those bad pairs out and replacing them with my own Uptiees!  Lovelovelove how Upitees line up against all the complaints women made about their underwear. 

The top complaint, Wedgies (30%), are definitely few and few between (insert cheek joke here), then "doesn't lay flat under clothes" (19%), I think they're pretty alright on, and "not enough coverage in the rear" (14%) is definitely something that Upitees are not guilty of! 


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December 14, 2010


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