Tshirt Finding Expedition

Can't wait to see what these turn into!

A Crayola box of tshirts! | La Vie en Orange

A Crayola box of tshirts!

I've been reveling in my recent tshirt expedition. Got 11 tshirts to start this new endeavor. So excited. Their amazing bright colors and silly logos make me smile. I was surprised by how many new-ish tshirts I found at the Goodwill. It felt important to not get the newer tshirts- it seemed like they needed a little bit more living before ending up on somebody's bum... :)

Bell's Sweet Bell's | La Vie en Orange

Bell's Sweet Bell's

But I will admit, I was thrilled to find a brand spanking new Bell's Beer 25th Anniversary commemorative tshirt. Since moving to Seattle from Kalamazoo, MI a year and a half ago, Bell's Brewery and its beer garden has been one thing I've been missing.

It's a total Kalamazoo institution; one of the pillars of Kalamazoo's community. I tried to celebrate their 25th anniversary a few months ago- I'd heard a rumor that there was one restaurant in Seattle that served it. We went. It was on the menu, but alas, they had none.

I don't know how this ugly amazing tshirt wound up here, but thank you, to whoever gave it to the Goodwill. You made my day :)

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December 12, 2010


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