Extra, extra! Help spread the word about our trans inclusive undies

Spread the word:  La Vie en Orange makes trans inclusive undies!

Yaaaay! You're here. :) (We're playing a game of Choose Your Own Undies Adventure. Head here for the skinny...)

Thank you so much for helping to spread the word about these undies. Here are a few ideas of things to tweet or share on facebook.

"I love these undies and now they're serving trans folks too! Go here to learn more." (Click to tweet)
"These undies are my favorite, and now they're making packing underwear and compression wear. So cool! Check them out here." (Click to tweet)
"Looking for some super amazing packing underwear or compression-wear? These undies are my favorite and now they're serving even more people!" (Click to tweet)


Or, you get the idea... :)

Head to facebook to share our most recent post here.

And thank you for helping to raise trans visibility! I truly believe that someday, it won't even be a thing the world needs, because it will just be normal.

We're honored to be on the ride with you!

Choose your own undies adventure | La Vie en Orange

Wanna play another round? Head here for other ways to support the trans community, through advocacy and allyship, or here to learn more about what being transgender means.

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July 28, 2016


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