Happy Birthday Flash Sale

It's a La Vie en Orange Panty Party!

It’s my birthday!

I’m decidedly pro-birthday. And pro-sharing of the birthday celebrations.

And what better way to celebrate my birthday than with something new to cover your birthday suit?

Coupon Code: 34CandlesSo, today only, Sunday, June 26th, it's a big 'ol sale!

Use the coupon code 34Candles for 20% off your entire order!

Happy birthday to both of us :)

So head over to the shop now and see what tickles your fancy. And imagine me making these faces and giggling all day. 34 is going to be grand.



Kori Jock | La Vie en Orange Kori Jock | La Vie en Orange

Photo credit:  Kaitlin LaMoine Photography

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June 26, 2016


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