3, 2, 1, the new KoriJock.com is here! We're launching with a giveaway!

Update:  That's a wrap! All 10 giveaway pairs have been found! Hooray! Thank you so much for playing with us! We hope you love our new site too.

You made it! We are so excited to launch the new korijock.com this week (with MOBILE! Mobile, friends. Are you on your phone right now? Isn't it so much more easy to read and navigate than our previous site? Welcome to the future! ;) ).

And, we're so excited, in fact, that we're bringing back the undies rocket from our Underwear of the Month Club launch. Because rockets. 

So. We invite you to poke around the new site. We'll be filling out the men's section and adding some other goodies in the coming days and weeks. And! If you happen upon my face in an undies powered rocket (see below), well, it might be your lucky day!

There are 10 mini-Kori-rockets (like the one pictured above, but way smaller) hidden around different spots on the website. Each has a coupon code below it (inspired by a different actual rocket name, or David Bowie, as the case may be...). If you find one, click on it to be taken to a pair of undies in our shop. Put them in your cart and use the coupon code to check out. If you're the first one to find it, your rocket undies will be free! (If someone beats you to it, it'll be a little rude and say, "Your cart does not meet the requirements for the XXXX discount code." I haven't figured out how to change that yet... ;)) I'll do my best to take down the hidden rockets as the undies are redeemed, and update the post here, so hopefully you won't happen on codes that have already been redeemed. Limit one free pair per seeker, please! ;)

Have fun and good luck!

Kori and the team!

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December 02, 2015


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