Capricorn! Zodiac undies are here!

Capricorn Zodiac Handmade Undies | La Vie en Orange


Capricorn (December 22-January 21): On a scale of dropping your ice cream cone on the ground to winning a lifetime supply of your favorite flavor, you'd better get out your victory hat (because that's a thing...). Today is a ten and how! Soar on the joy and serendipity life sends your way whether you're marveling at how great your butt looks in your new undies (and it does look great!) or the happy coincidence that just seems like the perfect opportunity at the perfect timing. Grab life by the capricorn horns and carpe the sparkles out of your diem.


Capricorn Zodiac Undies | La Vie en Orange


With apologies to all the actual astrologists in the world. ;) Click any of the images (or here) to check these undies out in the shop.


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November 05, 2015


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