Virgo! Zodiac undies are here!

Virgo Zodiac Handmade Undies | La Vie en Orange


Virgo (August 22-September 22): If one is getting the wrong order, and it's burned and your server hates life and ten is a 3 star Michelin masterpiece that makes you almost faint from its glory, get out your smelling salts, Virgo. Today's meal is 3 stars and compliments of the chef. Move past the analysis, Virgo, and turn up the volume. What has your heart been saying so quietly that no one could hear it? Get a megaphone. It's time.


Virgo Zodiac Undies | La Vie en Orange


With apologies to all the actual astrologists in the world. ;) Click any of the images (or here) to check these undies out in the shop.


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November 05, 2015


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