Cancer! Zodiac undies are here!

Cancer Zodiac Handmade Undies | La Vie en Orange


Cancer (June 22-July 23): If one is junk mail and ten is a hand written love letter, get ready for a soaring heart, Cancer because fresh flowers and tomes filled with confessions of undying love are coming. Leave your shell at home and follow your intuition. Your gut knows you better than you know yourself sometimes. If it feels right, it is right, even if it's scary or hard or what will people think? You might be scared of being wrong, but if you look really really closely, could it be that you're even more scared of being right? Step into the spotlight and own it. You've got this.


Cancer Zodiac Undies | La Vie en Orange


With apologies to all the actual astrologists in the world. ;) Click any of the images (or here) to check these undies out in the shop.


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November 05, 2015


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