[Horoscope] What's Your Sign? Zodiac Undies are Here!

Flying kites in new La Vie en Orange zodiac undies!
I know you love long walks on the beach, but I just can't guess what your sign might be...

The good news is, no matter which moon you find your house in (or which house you find your moon in...), our new Zodiac line has you covered. Literally.

Peruse the goodies, along with your own, special La Vie en Orange horoscope below (with apologies to actual astrologers...). For a close up of your zodiac sign, head to your sign's page!
Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer
Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio
Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
Aries Zodiac Handmade Undies | La Vie en OrangeAries (March 21-April 20):  If one is a Monday morning and ten is a weekend, pack your bags, Lovely, because it's a 4 day weekend! Reap reap reap the rewards and wonderfulness of all the efforts you've been making and seeds you've been planting. Bask in the warm glow of your success. No, seriously. Before you're off climbing up the next mountain, ram, take a deep breath and celebrate yourself. You did that. You made that. You earned that. And we are all the better for your being in the world.
Taurus Zodiac Handmade Undies | La Vie en OrangeTaurus (April 20-May 21):  If one is getting sprayed by a skunk and ten is cat videos all day long, get ready, Lovely:  today is limo full of kittens day, and you're sitting VIP. So what can you expect? Your fan club (oh yes) makes a cheering human tunnel for you to run though on your way to Every. Single. Place. You. Go. The warm, wild, and energizing welcome is overwhelming in the best kind of way. You feel the most at home you've ever felt, no bull. And you can have that feeling every day. Hang on to it. You are amazing.
Gemini Zodiac Handmade Undies | La Vie en OrangeGemini (May 21-June 22):  If a one is getting stuck at Every. Single. Light. And a 10 is all the lights turning green just for you, get out your hover craft, Gemini, because today you're walking on sunshine. Barriers see you and fall away left and right. Take the winking hint and follow your path. It is no one else's (except maybe your Gemini twin) and it is your duty (!) in this world to be true to yourself. We need you!
Cancer Zodiac Handmade Undies | La Vie en OrangeCancer (June 22-July 23):  If one is junk mail and ten is a hand written love letter, get ready for a soaring heart, Cancer because fresh flowers and tomes filled with confessions of undying love are coming. Leave your shell at home and follow your intuition. Your gut knows you better than you know yourself sometimes. If it feels right, it is right, even if it's scary or hard or what will people think? You might be scared of being wrong, but if you look really really closely, could it be that you're even more scared of being right? Step into the spotlight and own it. You've got this.
Leo Zodiac Handmade Undies | La Vie en OrangeLeo (July 23-August 22): If one is a stale holiday fruit cake and ten is a box of brightly colored macarons, put on your best beret, mon amie, because today is most definitely a colorful, crunchy ten. Open up to unexpected giggles and shared merriment with full abandon. Belly laughing is highly encouraged and contagious. Your magnetism and joy enlighten those around you, Lioness.
Virgo Zodiac Handmade Undies | La Vie en Orange
Virgo (August 22-September 22):  If one is getting the wrong order, and it's burned and your server hates life and ten is a 3 star Michelin masterpiece that makes you almost faint from its glory, get out your smelling salts, Virgo. Today's meal is 3 stars and compliments of the chef. Move past the analysis, Virgo, and turn up the volume. What has your heart been saying so quietly that no one could hear it? Get a megaphone. It's time. 
Libra Zodiac Handmade Undies | La Vie en OrangeLibra (September 22-October 23):  On a scale of public transit to private jet, Honor all the joy and goodness you bring to the world. The love you have for yourself and the love you share (in equal parts, of course, balanced Libra) spread so much happy, healthy, wonderful. You are an inspiration.
Scorpio (October 23-November 22):  On a scale of broken colored pencil to you're the next Picasso, today is every single color shooting out of your favorite pen. Ride the melt of your creativity - from belting out show tunes (or Taylor Swift) in the shower to taking the figure 8 way to your parking spot, your sparky scorpio stinger is ignited and and spreads joy where ever you go. You are sparky and ignity and you spread joy.
Sagittarius Zodiac Handmade Undies | La Vie en OrangeSagittarius (November 22-December 22): On a scale of Bach to Beiber, today is totally a Beyonce. Put on your dancing shoes and partake in the smorgasbord that is this life. Sample the unknown, the greatest hits, your wildest dreams. Everything is here for you, waiting for you with open arms, fierce archer. Dig deep for the courage to accept it, to embrace it, and to own its truth.
Capricorn Zodiac Handmade Undies | La Vie en OrangeCapricorn (December 22-January 21): On a scale of dropping your ice cream cone on the ground to winning a lifetime supply of your favorite flavor, you'd better get out your victory hat (because that's a thing...). Today is a ten and how! Soar on the joy and serendipity life sends your way whether you're marveling at how great your butt looks in your new undies (and it does look great!) or the happy coincidence that just seems like the perfect opportunity at the perfect timing. Grab life by the capricorn horns and carpe the sparkles out of your diem.
Aquarius Zodiac Handmade Undies | La Vie en OrangeAquarius (January 21-February 19): If one is AM radio in the middle of the night and ten is seeing your favorite band at your favorite venue, today is your favorite band playing a show in your living room for you and your favorite people. And maybe they ask you to join them for your favorite song. Just saying. The air surrounding you is electric with all the world's most exciting possibilities. You see what others don't, Water Bearer. Act now: the world is your sparkly, delicious oyster.
Pisces Zodiac Handmade Undies | La Vie en OrangePisces (February 19-March 21): On a scale of wallflower to Beyonce, today is the most epic dance party of your life. Believe. In yourself. Implicitly. All you need you already have. What can you do right now that you thought impossible a moment ago? What do you have the courage to take on? The time is now; you are the most important fish in the sea.

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November 05, 2015


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