How do I get her size?

However will you figure out what size Upitees to get your bestie? Sleuth with us! | La Vie en Orange
"Ohmygosh, I love these, but wouldn't it be weird to get them for someone?"

Whenever we're asked, we always answer, "No way!" Here's the thing:  if you love them, and you'd love to have them, and your friend is as cool is you are (which, we're pretty sure she is), then by the transitive law of Friends Being Cool, she is totally gonna get it, and totally gonna love them too.

Now, that doesn't mean that there might not be a millisecond of silence when she first opens the package and tries to figure out what the heck is going on. Because they're unique (maybe even one of a kind!), and quirky and maybe she's never seen anything like them before. And, let's be honest, unless it's a bridal shower, she probably wasn't expecting underwear. (But just in case, our undies are a hit at those too...).

But. If you're there and jump in about how they're handmade and made from repurposed tees and about how if they don't fit, our Hot Booty Guarantee has got her covered (there's a note inside the package too about all that, just in case you're not there), well, we know for a fact that that's when the smiles start. And then they pretty much don't stop.

But how do you know what size to get her?

Well, we've got an answer for that too. It's time to dust off your favorite disguise, because we're going on a mission together. 

Check out this video for 3 ideas, with all the ins and outs (literally... Just you wait!) for getting her size. Rather read than watch? Continue below.

  • Spy in her undies drawer. If you don't think she'll notice, you can peek in her undies drawer and see what size she wears in another brand. Our size chart has a converter, and it's easy peasy to see what another brand's size would be with us (since sizes vary so much from brand to brand). Pro tip:  Her brand not listed? Email Kori and she'll figure it out for you!
  • Spy in her laundry! Did she leave a hamper out? You can peek in there too. Same story as above.
  • (And the most fun!) Get an accomplice! Enlist her boyfriend/partner/husband/mom/whoever to do some of the snooping for you. We know from experience that this is the most fun way to figure it out, Because everyone loves getting out their favorite disguise!
Still have questions? Drop us a line (248.830.0843) or send Kori an email at xoxo

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November 12, 2015


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