You want me to put that thread where?!? Or, threading your sewing machine

Oh man! The weeks march on and now here we are- how to thread your machine! Are you ready? I know you can do it! 

So just like in last week's diagram about the parts of a sewing machine, although each machine will be threaded in a slightly different way, they are all fairly similar. 


Your sewing machine's manual should have a diagram (and you'll likely be able to find the manual for your sewing machine by googling), but I'll show you how mine works below both in photos and with a video.


Let's start with the bobbin! The bobbin lives under the needle and feed dogs and all the glory that happens under the fabric. I happen to have two machines whose bobbins load very differently, so I'll show you both. 


But first things first- we need to wind the bobbin. Though you can wrap your bobbins by hand (just be sure not to wind it so tight that you stretch the thread or do it so loosely that you have saggy thread), most machines will wind your bobbins for you


Side note:  There are a few different size bobbins; your machine will have bobbins that fit it specifically. My two machines have two different size bobbins. See if you notice a difference in the videos below. :)


Let's check out how my newer machine works:
In this video, Kori from La Vie en Orange shows you how to wind a bobbin.


Yours will probably be pretty similar.  Check your manual for any quirks- I know on my older machine, you have to turn a knob inside the handwheel for the bobbin to wind. Quirks!  :) 


So now we have a threaded bobbin. Where to put it?  

Check out the videos below for two common, yet very different, bobbin casings.  Which one does yours look like? 
How to thread a removable bobbin case | La Vie en Orange


How to thread a drop in bobbin case | La Vie en Orange Hooray!  We have just put the bobbin in!  

Now to thread the machine. 

My newer machine has some quirks, so I'll show you how to thread on my older machine. Check out the YouTube video for a step by step walk through (your manual will have a diagram that might be helpful as you walk through your own machine). 
How to thread a sewing machine | La Vie en Orange


How is your machine similar or different? So, did you do it? Any snafus? I hope this was super helpful and that you you learned a ton.

One last little side note:  Often when my machine is giving me troubles, all I need to do is re-thread it and it's happy as a clam. Keep that in mind as you work on different projects. Sometimes the only thing that's wrong is that it needs to be re-threaded...  :) And if you need a little refresher on how to change a needle, check out this video. 


Thanks for swinging by dear friends! I hope you feel excited about working on our shopping bag next week. 

In the meantime, if you want some practice sewing a straight line, check out this great tutorial (my first) that I made last year. You'll get lots of practice and make a cute note card to send to a friend. My husband used it to learn how to turn corners! And then he taught a friend :) 

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June 29, 2012


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