Your Perfect Custom Undies Available for 2 More Weeks

You've got 2 weeks to place an order for custom panties before an 8 week hiatus. Which tshirts have you been holding on to for panties (or nostalgia :))? Had your eye on anything in the custom section of my Etsy shop? 

I'll pull these items down on May 24th and you won't see them again until July 25th. Why July 25th? 

In between now and then, I'll be packing up La Vie en Orange to move to the Detroit area. (I'm going home. I can't wait.)  I see London, but where is France?

Future panty print 

That's when the new launches. And oh, what a launch it will be, with:
  • 1 big giveaway
  • 2 mini-collection launches - a bridal collection and city skylines collection (I see London, but where is France?)
  • A new trans*women style
As part of the move, we're taking a much-anticipated road trip and spending 4-5 weeks on the road. During that time, the sewing machines will be in storage and we'll be spending a ton of time with family and friends and in National Parks. And posting fun things to facebook


The Underwear of the Month Club will continue unaffected and ready-to-ship items will still be available, though alterations will be delayed. 


We'll land in Michigan towards mid-July and count down to July 25th - launch date! :) 


How excited are you? Curious about the new look that's coming? Here's a little teaser... Sign Me Up for the Underwear of the Month Club
Lots of bright colors and photos of girls wearing their Upitees. More teasers to come :) 
One more reminder:  if you've been thinking about ordering a custom item, do it now! They won't be available after May 24th. :) xoxo

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May 10, 2013


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