Somethings Blue.

Something old, something new, something borrowed... Something Blue - Upitees by La Vie en Orange 
New bridal Upitees from La Vie en Orange! For the tomboy bride or just a fun upcycled alternative to all the frilly bridal shower options, these panties are a sporty and comfortable reminder of her special day. And they won't even give her a wedgie. :) 

Choose your favorite blue in the tshirt spectrum (Cornflower? Electric? Navy? Royal?) and email me to place a special order. I'll be shipping the week of August 5th. 

"Something Blue" Panties 

Another something blue spied this week during the grand trek from Seattle to Michigan- Crater Lake. 

Crater Lake Panorama 
The word blue was invented to describe the color of the water there; of course there's no way a photo could do it justice. It's the deepest lake in the United States (over 1,900 feet!), and was created when a volcano erupted 7,000 years ago and its top fell in. The caldera filled with water over seasons of rain and snowstorms and now it's this huge, beautiful Something Blue! I wish I could tell you that Crater Lake was La Vie en Orange's first-ever celebrity endorsement, but we got snowed out before I could get a picture of myself in front of the lake with any panties. Someday... :) Other fancy bridal panties coming the first week of August?
"I Do" & "Bridesmaid" Panties
“I do” and “bridesmaid” motifs- available in any combination of tshirt and silkscreen colors. Match the wedding colors, or just your favorites. Right in time for late-summer nuptials :) 
Please email me to place an order. 
Have any fabulous ideas for wedding panties? Please comment below! 
P.S. My birthday is on Wednesday, June 26 - check back for details on a flash sale (so you don't have to! :))

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June 25, 2013


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