Introducing Days of the Week Underwear! Now with Sunday and Humpday!

Did you have Days of the Week underwear growing up?

Were you certain to wear Monday on Monday, Tuesday on Tuesday and so on, or did you rebel wearing whatever pair whenever you felt like it? And did you have Sunday undies?

When Harry Met Sally


Remember that scene in When Harry Met Sally about Sunday underwear? When Sally tells Harry about why she and her boyfriend Sheldon broke up:

Sally: Well, if you must know, it was because he was very jealous, and I had these days of the week underpants.
Harry: Ehhhh! I'm sorry. I need the judge's ruling on this. "Days of the weeks underpants"?
Sally: Yes. They had the days of the week on them, and I thought they were sort of funny. And then one day Sheldon says to me, "You never wear Sunday." It was all suspicious. Where was Sunday? Where had I left Sunday? And I told him, and he didn't believe me. Harry: What?
Sally: They don't make Sunday.
Harry: Why not?
Sally: Because of God.

With no disrespect to God or When Harry Met Sally, La Vie en Orange is proud to introduce its Days of the Week underwear! With Sunday undies!

And Hump Day undies!

Days of the Week Underwear by La Vie en Orange at

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Humpday Days of the Week Underwear by La Vie en Orange at Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Days of the Week Underwear by La Vie en Orange at

Men's Days of the Week Underwear by La Vie en Orange at

Eight days a week, I love you. The Beatles said that first, but I'm pretty sure they were just anticipating this moment. For reals.

Get the panties here, individually or as a set. Check out the men's set here.

And let's reminisce below in the comments. I can't wait to hear about your Days of the Week panties from days of yore. I loved wearing mine on the wrong days, but like Sally, I didn't have Sunday underwear. 

How about you? 


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May 17, 2016

Clove, you are too funny! Here’s to god finally finding his own Sunday underwear and freeing the world’s Sunday undies for the rest of us! :)


May 17, 2016

Why does god take our underwear away from us on Sunday? Can’t find his own I suppose…

I was deprived days of the week panties growing up; but fortunately, I was blessed with panties period. Now I can give myself the undies I never had! ;]

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