Best Birthday Sale Ever!

Upitees on a line Birthday cake!

Bust out the bubbly, crank up your favorite tunes, and join me in a celebration! 

The Underwear of the Month Club turns one-year-old this month, and it is time to party! It has been a fabulous ride: the UMC members are amazing. Their joy and generosity astounds me. I've learned so much, covered a bazillion booties, and filled underwear drawers allover the country with smiles. 

Haven't become a member yet? Here's what you missed! Let's call it a retrospective. Doesn't that feel really important? And you know the Underwear of the Month Club is really important. One year of delightful undies for La Vie en Orange's Underwear of the Month Club 

If you're doing the math, March was Spring Cleaning month where all members mailed me tshirts for their own custom undies (check out the results here), and this month's shipment is still under wraps = ten photos :) 

To celebrate the UMC's first birthday, I put the Official Rocket of the Underwear of the Month Club on a cake. 

And I'm running a sale, the likes of which the Underwear of the Month Club has never seen. Ever. 

Coupon Code Rocket Powered Join the Underwear of the Month Club anytime in October, and save 20%. Use the discount code RocketPowered.

Of the Club, Erin says, "I think it makes the perfect 'cheeky' gift for someone who loves bright colors and whimsical, independent designs. I love the cut, color, and clever design of my Upitees. They fit and flatter, and most importantly, they are the most comfortable pairs of underwear I have ever owned.

Can't you picture the excitement of getting a package every month with a surprise pair of undies? Especially undies destined to be among your favorites? 

You don't want to miss this chance to join the Underwear of the Month Club. Thank you so much for celebrating with me! 

Sending you virtual oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes with rocket ships! 


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September 28, 2013


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