Save the Day!

Introducing superhero undies by La Vie en Orange 

When was the last time you put on a cape?

 Underwear maker extraordinaire and Upitees Girl, Kori Jock from La Vie en Orange

For me, the first time in a decade or better was a couple of Halloweens ago to go out dancing with friends. And it was awesome. I felt fierce and like I could do anything. 
I was just your generic superhero - turquoise tights, yellow Upitees with turquoise exclamation point, yellow tank top, red cape. Yellow wrist bands and eye mask disguise made from left over tshirt bits. Big black boots with turquoise accents (why, yes, I own big black boots with turquoise accents). 


But I was more than just me. You see, when you're wearing a cape, you're forced to walk tall so that it will billow. 


Unexpectedly, I found myself walking legs wide, hands on my hips, and owning it. Being comfortable with the presence I carried. Tilting my chin up slightly and looking faraway (for citizens in need of my assistance?) often. 


Nods from passersby. Grateful citizens. Admiring fans. 


There was this moment when I realized I don't have to save this feeling for Halloween. Or dress up to get it. 


I don't want to save this feeling for Halloween! 


That part of the reason I was rocking so hard, in addition to the bright colors and cape, was because my butt cheeks weren't hanging out. Thank goodness. 


I realized that when you're bottom is covered, when you're not worried about wedgies, and when your undies are so bright they make you smile it's so much easier to face the day head on. 


Whether it's Halloween,  the third Thursday of the month, or just everyday. 


My lovely client Jessica even says, "You always see little boys in their superhero undies and capes and goggles...and you can tell from their smiles that they're ready to conquer the world. Upitees are that for women! LOL :)" 


She knows it too. 


And I want you to experience that feeling too. Knowing your undies are there for you the second you put them on, but then forgetting about them because they're so perfect. 


I want your undies to help you take over the world. 


Therefore, with much flourish and goodwill, I introduce the Upitees superhero mini-collection. Superhero undies from La Vie en Orange at 


For when you're feeling like the most Wonderful Woman, or when you're just ready to fight the baddies. And whether your baddies are a bad night's sleep or true crime, these Upitees will have you letting the world know who's boss


You've got four styles to choose from- Stars like Wonder Woman, the undies signal (how else will you know you're needed?), and superhero sounds Kapow and Whamm! Close up of Superhero Undies by La Vie en Orange at 
Kapow won the superhero sounds vote and giveaway a couple of weeks ago, but Whamm! wasn't too far behind. So I give you both. :) 


You'll find them all in my Etsy shop, just in time for Halloween and everyday. :)


So how do you save the day? Please comment below. I look forward to seeing you there!

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October 18, 2013


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