Time is running out- Underwear of the Month Club sale ends Friday!‏

Perfect fit, perfectly you. Comfy, sassy, sporty undies arrive on your doorstep each month to surprise and delight you.

The Underwear of the Month Club's birthday party ends Friday! 

Until then, save 20% when you join using the coupon code RocketPowered.

Is your underwear drawer full of more snaggle panties than you can count? Do your period panties out number your everyday feel-good undies?

Imagine your underwear drawer full of perfectly fitting undies that you look forward to putting on. That rock from your skinny jeans to your pajama pants. 

Upitees in Drawers

That go from office politics to discussing politics over drinks. From chick flicks to date night.

That fit great and feel good. 

And that make you feel good. 

Imagine you have a drawer full of undies that fit perfectly, are so bright you can't help but smile when you see them, and that make you feel confident the moment you step into them, all without going shopping.

When you join the La Vie en Orange Underwear of the Month Club, you reclaim your underwear drawer.

Suppress your snaggle undies and period panties, and fill your underwear drawer with bright, bold undies that embody you. When you join you’ll receive a surprise pair of fun boy-cut-for-girls undies (lovingly called Upitees) made from upcycled 100% cotton tshirts each month for as long as you’re a member.

“I love the cut, color, and clever design of my Upitees. They fit and flatter, and most importantly, they are the most comfortable pair of underwear I have ever owned.

“I have already purchased a club membership for my sister for Christmas! I think it makes the perfect ‘cheeky’ gift for someone who loves bright colors and whimsical, independent designs.”                     -Erin, Underwear of the Month Club founding member

With the Hot Booty Guarantee, you're assured a perfect fit every time.

Hot Booty

If your undies don’t fit exactly how you want them to, let me know- we’ll email to determine whether you need alterations (I’m able to add or cut down elastic, raise or lower the waistband or leg holes – you name it), or whether another size will have you one-woman-dance-partying all night long. I’ll make all future undies to your specifications as long as they continue to fit.

“I am a very picky customer. Kori worked with me tirelessly and very graciously to create a set of undies that are absolutely perfect for me. They fit me perfectly and are perfectly comfortable. And I do mean PERFECT!

"I have dealt with the pain of Vulvodynia for many years and up until I found Kori, I had never worn a pair of underwear that did not cause me pain. Those days are over. It’s Kori and her bespoke undies forevermore! 


I started making my own undies in 2006 and pretty much haven’t had a wedgie since. And I’m not the only one:

“No wedgie even chasing 3 kids.”                     -Kate

When you join the Underwear of the Month Club, you'll receive:

  • a surprise pair of just-for-you undies gift wrapped and mailed each month for as long as you are a member
  • unique prints and original illustrations that aren't available to the public for 6 months
  • special gift wrapping that makes each month's pair a treat to open

After you join, I’ll send a welcome email with super easy instructions for determining your size. Celebrate the Underwear of the Month Club's first birthday using the RocketPowered 20% off coupon code before November 1st, and you’ll receive your first pair of surprise made-just-for-you undies during the second week of November. 

Use the coupon code RocketPowered to save 20% now! 

That's just $17.60 monthly to join today and receive your first pair of morning changing undies in November. This sale ends tonight at midnight (October 31), so join now

I can't wait to start filling your mornings and underwear drawer with technicolor goodness! 




P.S. Don't miss out - click here to transform your underwear drawer and your mornings (and afternoons and evenings)!

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October 31, 2013


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