Detroit Urban Craft Fair - Recap

What a party the Detroit Urban Craft Fair was! 

2 days with over 100 vendors at the Masonic Temple in downtown Detroit. And it was my first craft show ever (go big or go home, right?).

The weekend started with a mention in the Detroit News. I was the only underwear maker there, so I know they were talking about me (thanks, Dad, for highlighting it :))! 


Being there, surrounded by so many talented artisans was incredible. My new friend Anne from Indie Lovely took some amazing photos of the entire show- totally worth clicking over to check out.

And here are a few photos of your favorite underwear maker's booth and some of the shenanigans that ensued.

It was so much fun to watch people walk by- their faces would be neutral, and by the time they were on the other side of the booth, they were smiling. Grinning even.

It was our own personal street theater. And amazing to be reminded of how much joy the right undies can put in your life.

My best friend Andrea and my mom helped out over the two days. We awarded ourselves "Most Colorful Booth." There was no competition.

Other Upcoming Events

I'll be back in the Detroit area December 20-22 at the Rustbelt Market in Ferndale, if you want to check it all out in person.

-Or - if you live in Southwest Michigan, I'm holding a pop-up shop in my home in Kalamazoo this Friday night, December 13. Comment if you'd like details and I'll follow up, no RSVP necessary.

And, tomorrow is the last day you can order made-to-order items and be assured they'll arrive in time for Christmas. So, head on over to the shop if you need to do some shopping! :)



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December 11, 2013


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