Look at that Look Book!

La Vie en Orange Look Book cover, Fall Winter 2013-2014  
Looky looky!

It’s La Vie en Orange’s first ever Look Book! Just for you!

Peruse to your heart’s content. Check out the styles, see how the undies fit the models. Shop if you feel so inclined. Most prints are available in most sizes in my online shop.

And if you see something that makes your heart sing but is out of stock in your size, or if you’re looking for a larger, smaller or half size, email me and I’ll whip up a pair just for you lickity split!

It’s exciting to share this with you right now because of all the changes coming this year… Which I am only going to tease about until next week.

In the meantime, enjoy this eye candy!

Which are your favorite shots? Please comment below!


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May 16, 2016

Thank you, Theresa! I love color coding the undies, and changing up the order depending on the season :)


May 16, 2016

Love this! I love the rainbow undie arrangement the best . :) Nice work!

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January 23, 2014


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