Fill Yourself Up - 2 Ways to Use Chakra Affirmations

You might remember from a little while back being regaled with stories of poo, the chakras, my ignorance around the chakras, and a downloadable goodie to bring rainbows and good feelings into your life. Simona from

The gifted author of those chakra affirmations, Simona from (pictured right), has graciously agreed to share even more of her wisdom to help us understand how to use the affirmations with more intention.
Can you explain to us what a chakra is?
Our bodies are much more than the physical form that we see when we look into the mirror. 
Quantum Physics tells us that everything is energy vibrating at certain levels. The visible part of our bodies is what we most identify with. And yet, there is much more to our bodies, the invisible, “subtle body” or the energetic body. Chakras are part of this invisible, energetic system. 
In Sanskrit, the word “chakra”, means “wheel of light." 
According to the ancient Indian wisdom, there are seven major chakras. These seven energy centers lie along the many energy pathways of the body. 
The seven chakras and their meanings
Clairvoyant people can see chakras as spinning wheels, or cones, emanating from the front and the back of the body. I am not a visual person and I do not see chakras visually, however, I am very kinesthetic and therefore feel or sense my chakras. I sense the movement (the spinning), or I sense blockages as dense and stuck energy. 
So, there are different ways to perceive your chakras. You may develop and ability to see them or you may develop an ability to feel and sense your chakras without having a “picture” of them. 
You can think of chakras as organizing centers of life energies. They also correspond to certain glands, nerve centers, and organs of our physical bodies. That’s good to be aware of, because our physical and subtle bodies are interconnected and they influence each other. I think of chakras as an organizing system that connects the physical and the subtle body in a certain way. 

Do you have any recommendations for how we can use your amazing affirmations? 
[Find the chakra affirmations download we're referring to here.]
One way to use the affirmations is to use them as a centering practice.
[I put the prompts for Simona's practice into an image that's easily Pinnable :)]
Centering with chakra affirmations
You can also pick a few affirmations, memorize them, and do the practice as you are lying in bed with your eyes closed. 
Is there anything else you would like to share? 
Yes, one of my favorite ways to sense my subtle body is meditation. There are many types of meditations; one I like is called Mindfulness. 
I practice this every day and it helps me be present and more connected to my body, my feelings, and my thoughts that arise. Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere. You do not have to become a Monk to practice Mindfulness. 
For example, when you are washing dishes (by hand, not in the dishwasher :), feel your feet on the ground, sense the temperature of the water, the slipperiness of the dish soap, and hear the sounds of the dishes as you wash them. Observe the details of your dishes. 
Notice your breath. Become aware of the fact that you are breathing. Just observe. Without judgment, without trying to change anything.

That’s Mindfulness. Being present in the moment, noticing, observing, without judgment. Just being with yourself as you are.

Once you become comfortable in this state of being, you will begin to sense beyond your physical body; you will begin to sense your subtle body, including your chakras. 
Simona, thank you so much for taking the time to share so much of your knowledge with us!
What's one thing you'll takeaway from this chat with Simona? Please comment below to share and swing by to learn even more!
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April 03, 2014


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