Your Undies Are Famous!

Are your pant(ie)s ringing? Our undies and our ears have been ringing over here a lot lately...

La Vie en Orange has been featured or mentioned in all sorts of media recently (even a national magazine!), so basically, your underwear are famous!

You'll find highlights and links below.

Thank you so much for supporting LVEO - this glory wouldn't be happening without you.


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The eeensy weensy
National Mention

The In-Depth Profile

La Vie en Orange in Redbook Magazine Kori Jock from La Vie en Orange as interviewed by Kzoo Uncaged
Photo courtesy Andy Peninger

Ever wonder, "Why underwear?" or "What is Kori's spirit animal?"

The lovely folks at Kzoo Uncaged (who "discover and share inspiring people who are making a difference in Kalamazoo") asked me a bazillion thoughtful questions. 

I gave them my best answers. And some answers to questions they didn't even ask.
Check La Vie en Orange out on page 148 of May's Redbook! We're in an article about side gigs.

While LVEO started out as a side gig, I'm working at it full time right now. I used to be a fundraiser for a non-profit immigration law firm and submitted to be included in this article when that was still true. It's taken this long to get to print... :)
The "Cheeky" Write Up The Entrepreneurial Weigh-In
Underwear by La Vie en Orange
Photo courtesy Andy Peninger
"Undies. Underwear. Drawers. Panties. Whatever you call it, we all wear them – well, I hope we all wear them – but when is the last time you have put on a pair of undies that made you laugh, that brightened 
Kori Jock from La Vie en Orange
On Go Fire Yourself, 20 fellow entrepreneurs and I answer the question:

"How did you determine what kind of business you wanted to start? How did you know it was the right business idea to pursue?"
your day, that saved t-shirts headed to the trash, or that are screen printed by the very designer that crafted them?"

Click here to read more from Awesome Mitten. (Michiganders lovingly call our state the Mitten.)

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April 14, 2014


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