Streeeeeetch, Daydream, Jam.

14 Ways to Live la Vie en Orange

Ever wonder what the heck La Vie en Orange means? I wrote about it here, but essentially it's just looking at life through a brighter, sun-shinier lens.

And, it turns out, it can be super easy. It's mostly about attitude.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to live la vie en orange. In no particular order.

Stop and smell the roses

  • No, really. They’re beautiful and fill your nose with joy (and how often do we really use our noses?) and then you smile and then your day is magically better.
  • 2. Treat yourself. Every once in a while, but not so often that it’s no longer a 
         treat. On payday, maybe?
  • 3. Crank up the volume when it’s your jam. Be that person dancing at the bus
         stop or in your car. Spread joy.
  • 4. Get the stamp then write a letter. It won’t languish in its un-postage-ified
        envelope if you get the stamp first and your loved one will get it so much
        quicker! Find amazing inspiration here.
  • 5. Streeeeeetch. I love these office stretches, and #3 regularly saves my life.
        Insta stress relief. 
  • 6. Put on something quirky under it all. It'll be your little secret.
        May I suggest some Upitees? :)
  • 7. Call an old friend.
  • 8. Visit the library. Wander the stacks (whether it's books, music, movies
        or magazines).
Go on a picnic
  • 10. Turn off the tv for the night.

  • 11. Try a new recipe 

  • 12. Spend 10 minutes daydreaming. Do you need to set a timer? (I do... :))

  • 13. Leave a big tip

  • 14. Make a list (this is my first. It’s really fun). Maybe 14 things that make you 
  •       happy? Then you can refer back to it in a never ending mobius loop of joy.
And there are so many other ways you can live la vie en orange, so this is the first of a series.

What are your favorite ways to make life simpler, to include more play, to live fully? 
Please comment below! I can't wait to see your favorites! 


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May 16, 2016

Those are the best! Scratching the dogs ears! Sigh. And your stillness- I do not excel at such things… :) Thank you so much for sharing!


May 16, 2016

Nice list and minders, thanks for sharing!

Hmmmm, my own inspiring moments of this nature include:

- The Hammock

- A walk in the woods leading to a nearby waterfall

- Taking time to scratch the dogs ears

- Sitting in silence (which is not usually that silent)

- Looking up at the sky morning, noon and night

- Breathingggggg Deeeeeeply

- Putting my hands on the earth, and saying thank you!


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