Behind the Scenes: Meet Suzanne, Intern Extraordinaire

Suzanne, Intern Extraordinaire | La Vie en Orange
Hello! I'm Suzanne, and I have been interning for Kori here at La Vie en Orange for the last two months, and unfortunately, I am nearing the end of my time here. I have had a wonderful time working for Kori and have learned so much in my short time here!

At the beginning of my internship, Kori quickly put me to work! I started out by cataloging her inventory, while contemplating the goals I wished to set for myself. During this time, I was getting to know more about La Vie en Orange and what Kori's goals and needs were for her business. When she mentioned her struggles with product photography, I knew I wanted to help her improve that important aspect of her business. 
As I began working on this project, we explored different backdrop and lighting arrangements, and learned some tricks along the way. Once we found the right setup, I set to work photographing Upitees! Although my photography isn’t perfect, I feel like working on this project was a meaningful use of my skills and one of the most helpful contributions I could make to Kori's business.
Suzanne | La Vie en OrangeOther projects I had the joy of helping with include working on mock-ups for a special wholesale order, updating the La Vie en Orange shop to include an extended size range, adding new stock to Kori's Etsy shop, collecting new pins for Pinterest, and helping plan a new product launch (coming soon!). In the process, I learned about the value of networking in a small business, and the extensive work, planning, and dedication that goes into pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Perhaps the most valuable experience I gained while interning at La Vie en Orange was the opportunity to see what it is like to be a small business owner. I dream of starting my own apparel business one day, so observing Kori work so hard at running her business day-to-day was invaluable. I have learned new things about what I can expect my work life to be like when I am an entrepreneur, and Kori has given me some insight on how to plan my business to help make it manageable and rewarding from the start.

I am very happy to have had the delightful experience of working for and getting to know Kori. These last two months seem to have flown by! Although I'll no longer be working behind the scenes, I am excited to continue to support La Vie en Orange and to see the company grow!

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August 15, 2014


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